Ben Naiser Guest Spot


Ben Naiser tattooing one of his appointments during his guest spot at The Bell Rose Tattoo.

Ben Naiser tattooing one of his appointments during his guest spot at The Bell Rose Tattoo.

We’re excited to announce that Ben is coming back to The Bell Rose and will be sitting in with us June 4th through June 8th. We had the pleasure of hosting Ben Naiser from Infinite Electric tattoo in Louisville, KY back in March. Ben was an incredible person to have sit in with us for a few days. Great energy, positive, and an extremely talented tattooer. We had the opportunity to cut together a little video for Ben, as well as sit down with him and interview Ben. This was what he had to say about tattooing, traveling, and his time at The Bell Rose Tattoo in Daphne, AL.

If you could start by saying your name, where you're from, and where you tattoo?
My name's Ben Naiser. I'm from Louisville Kentucky and I tattoo at infinite Electric Tattoo.

What do you love the most about tattooing?
Well it makes you want to show up every single day and do it. I think the culture behind tattoo's and tattooing like as a collector and an artist. I think that's an incredible thing because most art is a delivery that you can't really put your hands on. I guess there's a way you could say it but tattooing it's like you're giving it specifically to one person and there's a connection there and meaningful tattoos are always a huge honor and it's kind of a responsibility but it fires me up so I guess overall the culture is really what drives me to keep at it.

Was that one thing that pulled you in to be apart of the tattoo culture?
Yeah a big part of that like even the style behind it and the mystery behind tattoo shops and tattooing in general is just a big mystery it's just all so enticing. I mean of course making art everyday is cool but, man I guess the magic of tattooing - you know the taboo nature of it is what really sets me off. I think it's really cool.

You packed your stuff up and headed west and then you've traveled quite a bit. Tell me about your life on the road?
When I got out of high school I lived in Charleston South Carolina and when I moved back to Kentucky for college. I spent a summer in Michigan and just spent summers here and there and by the time I graduated and started learning more about tattooing I traveled to Portland just to see. When I finally decided to head west that was just sort of a whim decision. It was New York or L.A. and L.A. seemed a lot more chill. So I headed out there and it just all kept working. I was surprised at how well everything went. I think that's a big reason why I keep traveling because it's always nerve racking but once I'm in a car or on a plane or on my way somewhere there's this instant release and I'm just I'm back at being on the road.

What were some like pivotal or defining moments through those travels?
Leaving home for L.A. was the big one because I packed everything into an RV. I didn't have a whole lot of tattoo's and relied on door knocking to get my apprenticeship. I was constantly painting and trying to get better at creating traditional tattoo art because I knew that was the bedrock of everything and I figured that if I knocked on enough doors, eventually I would get on the inside. Once I found the right place and they wanted to offer an apprenticeship, that was that was giant. If those things wouldn't have happened then I really have no idea what I'd be doing.

I was reading on your blog you talk often about chasing the dream. What are you chasing and what is that dream for you?
My entire life I've always had this vision. My dad instilled in me when I was young that nothing in life’s for free and that you've got to work hard. I started paint a picture at a real young of what I wanted and to chase that like crazy. Once I started tattooing and was able to support myself and start traveling and meeting people and people wanted tattoos from me - that started feeling like I was living the way that I'd always wanted to and anything to keep that going is living the dream.

What did you learn most about yourself on the road?
I'd say that if I learned anything it was that if something goes wrong it could be right depending on the way you look at it.

Tattooing has allowed you to travel to get tattooed, as well as tattoo all over the country at different shops on the road?
I think that's part of everybody's dream is to do something you love and be able to travel and fully embrace what you love. I can't think of anything you more fully embrace because you literally wear these things on your skin. So collecting and then working for people getting to travel has been amazing because everywhere you go you meet people and you get to make friends and new experiences.

How was your time at The Bell Rose?
Super awesome! Everybody was amazingly welcoming and has been in a good mood the whole time. It just feels like there's a like a good energy between you all and the clients. I don't know I haven't felt one negative thing since I've been here so topnotch.

Ben Naiser will be returning to The Bell Rose June 4th through June 8th. For appointments and booking inquiries